Once you have decided to start an online business the question still remains “What will you sell?” Here are five questions to ask yourself before you decide what you will be selling:

Is it Legal?

There is no point in doing any further research if what you want to sell is illegal to sell online, so hit the books and do your research before giving yourself the green light.

Can You Make Money?

Find out what the profit margin is on the products you’re thinking of selling. Figure out how many you will need to sell to break-even and then to hit your profit goals. You can make money selling almost anything online but what you will need to figure out is how much money you will be investing and how long it will take to recoup that investment and move upward from there.

How Will the Products Sell Online?

Nothing is impossible to sell online but you will need to do appropriate research to understand what will be involved in selling the products you are considering. Make sure to look at both the buying and the shipping aspects of selling online.

How Will You Set Yourself Apart?

Get a sense of how you will set yourself apart from the existing competitors out there. Study your soon-to-be competition and find out what they are doing well and what gaps in their offerings you can fill to provide a better customer experience.

Are you Passionate about the Products?

Only you can tell if the products you are thinking of selling are ones that will really interest and excite you but the best advice in online selling is pick something you love and let the rest follow from there!

Want to learn even more information about choosing what to sell? You’re in luck! Check out our comprehensive guide to picking products to sell online – it gives you all the information you could ever need to make the right decision for your new online business!


Now that you know what kind of business you’ll be operating, have your policies prioritized, and know the what you’ll be selling, the next topic on your mind is likely whether or not you will need a dropshipper.

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