Because September and October are historically times when many people open their first business, this week is dedicated to topics surrounding starting your own business. While this is not an end-all-be-all list of steps you must take, they’ll help you get a solid head start on your new business venture. Thank you for joining us on this journey!

Obviously, any online business owner is going to want a design for their website that will hit one out of the park, but when you’re just starting out you may not have a full understanding of exactly what you need (not to mention the funds to achieve it). So, which design elements are absolutely essential? The absolute most basic piece you will need is a well crafted logo.

Think about it in terms of a physical retail location- would you walk through an unmarked door off of the street to do your shopping? Probably not. Your online store needs a logo to tell your customers who you are as a company.

Here are five things to think about when designing your logo:

  1. Do you have two viable versions?You should have a basic version of your logo (with just the logo itself) and a full version of your logo (with the logo and your company’s name).
  2. Can it stand out without any text?You will want a logo that is visually distinct enough to make sense even if it’s just pasted someplace by itself.
  3. Will it be aesthetically pleasing in various contexts (your website, a press release, company letterhead, business cards, packing slips, etc.)?Sometimes a logo can look great on a website but when you print it it’s not as appealing. Other times a logo is only functional at sizes too large for small materials like business cards and packing slips. Before you decide on a logo stick it everywhere you might need it.
  4. Will it look good in black and white?Sure, you’re designing it in color, but that doesn’t mean it will always be viewed in color. Generally speaking, color printing is more expensive that black and white printing. If it looks good both ways, you have cost saving options for your various business materials.
  5. Does it feel “big?”You want your logo to look like it was created by a team of professional designers for a company much larger than your business. That doesn’t necessarily mean you need to use a professional, but if you are going to do it yourself you will need to devote enough time to do it right. Look at your logo and ask yourself “Would I take this company seriously if I was shopping online?”

If you do decide to use a professional make sure you know the following things about your logo project before hiring a design company:

  • The number of redesigns you’ll get to tweak the design
  • How you will be able to communicate with the design team (email or phone)
  • Whether or not you will be allowed to provide a sketch (if you have one)
  • How it will be delivered to you when it is completed (email, download, etc.)

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