As a small business owner, you may not understand all the hoopla about SEO services, but there are some basic dos and don’ts you should be aware of if you choose to hire a firm to handle your search marketing for you. Each company does it a little bit differently, and some are choosing to use techniques that might give you short-term results but will never give you sustained traffic over the long term. Since these marketing efforts often require a substantial financial outlay on your part, you’ll want to have some basic knowledge about SEO and not have to take it on faith that your search engine optimization firm is acting in your best interests.

A do would be saying “yes” to the SEO Company that has a substantial website with lots of pages explaining each service and an invitation to call and speak to a human being to learn more. That type of website is run by a company that knows what they are doing. You’ll most likely see SEO services like content development, website optimization, forum posting, social media marketing, and article writing and distribution, all techniques that can bring you to the top of Page One if done correctly.

Finally, look for SEO firms that can explain to you in non-technical language exactly how their services work. If you feel lost in the language, don’t hire that firm. SEO is not all that complicated. If your SEO Company tells you it is, fire them and hire another firm, one that will do things the right way and get you positive results, run by people that don’t try to shroud the industry in mystery to justify high prices.

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