Here are some simple tips for building a professional law firm website that will get you found online using Web E Store website builder.

Step 1: Register a domain name

The first step is choosing a domain for your law firm website. Your first instinct in choosing a domain might be to choose a branded domain based on the name of your firm. While branding your domain may be a good idea for law firms, there are many situations where this may be a mistake.

My advice is to take out two domains, your branded domain (i.e. and a keyword targeted domain. For your keyword targeted, choose one of moderate search volume and competition that is highly relevant to your practice. I like using the geographic, practice specific, legal term guideline (i.e.

To check the availability of your desired domain, head over to Domize. Make sure to try different keyphrase combinations and hyphen positions. Once you have chosen your domain, it’s time to get it registered.

Step 2: Sign up for Web E Store: 10 Day Free Trial

Simply click on the link above to quickly sign up for a 10 day no risk free trial. Within this time frame, you can build your amazing law firm website using our tool completely free.

  • Click on the 10 day free trial link to get started
  • Select a professional designed theme and color scheme.  Your theme will provide the overall look and design of your site.

Step 3: Setting up your website structure

The Web E Store site builder tool makes it extremely easy to create your pages and site structure. We recommend that you setup Home, About Us, Areas of Practice, and Contact us as your main pages. Under the Areas of Practice page, I would list all your practices (ie. personal injury, bankruptcy, tax, etc).

Setting up your site structure with Web E Store is painless. Just click on the “Edit Site” button from the top toolbar and click “Add Page”. You can also click on “Page List” to view, edit, or add new pages quickly.

Step 4: Adding content to each page

When you are writing content, we recommend that you think about what your potential clients are searching for. What is causing them pain? Are they in debt? Were they in a car accident? Once you understand why your potential clients are searching you can tailor your content to offer a solution. Explain to them how your service can help them and the benefits of using your service over the next online competition.

With Web E Store site builder, adding content is quick and easy. Just click on the “Edit Site” button from the top toolbar and “Edit Page”. From there you can add a text component to add new content or image component to add new images to each section of your page.

Step 5: Setting up “Call To Action”

A visitor is just a visitor until you are able to collect information from them. The best way to do this is to place a contact form in the top right or left side bar. I recommend that you offer something of value, such as a free 30 minute consultation.

Step 6: Setup a blog

A blog is a great way to communicate with your site visitors. Write weekly post about topics that would interest your visitors and add links from each blog post to your services pages where they can get more detailed information. Your goal is to pull in traffic through content marketing, then funnel these traffic to your services page so you can convert them to clients by requesting their information using your “Call to Action” form.

To setup a blog with Web E Store, you simply click on “Edit Site” from the top toolbar and “Add a Page” and select the Blog format as the page type.

Step 7: Setting up Google Analytic

Google analytic allows you to easily track your visitors to see how they found your site and how they browse your website once they get there. Your goal is to funnel them to your Call to Action section in order to collect their information.

To setup Google Analytic, please follow the instructions below:

  • Create an account at
  • You will need to get the tracking code from Google and install it onto your website
  • Once you have the tracking code, go back to your Web E Store website to install it
  • At Web E Store, click on “Settings” from the top tool bar, then “Advanced HTML” from the left sub-menu
  • Paste the tracking code from Google into the “Advanced HTML setup (HEAD)” and click on “Apply Change”

That’s it. Now you’ve got a fully-functional law firm website and blog that is search engine friendly. The next steps are to add new articles, pages, and posts as frequently as possible. You can view a live website at to see how it’s done.