In this article, I will explain to you one of the many ways of how to make a website for free. Have you been thinking about some ideas for making a website but you just did not know where to start or you did not want to pay a lot of money? Well, there’s good news. Some of the websites out there actually allow you to create a website for free.

These sites allow you to make a website for free because they will use some advertising on the site which will allow them to make the money required for them to stay in business. The websites I am referring to are not “here today gone tomorrow” kind of websites, they are highly trusted. Google actually runs a free website building service that is at your disposal.

The actual steps to make a website for free are quite easy and I will explain them in detail.

Template Decision: Various websites have a different number of templates available to choose from. If you would like to have quite a few customizable options then this might be an important factor when researching website builders. When you use a template you are basically given the entire framework and the only thing that you will need to do is add the theme and colors that are the most appropriate for whatever it is you are creating the site for.

Content Creation: After you have picked the template you want to use, the next step is creating content. The actual content itself could be of any sort such as blog posts, pictures, articles, videos, or anything else you would like to have that makes your website unique. This all might sound complicated at first, but it is actually very easy. Almost all of the website creating programs that are available will have tutorials in case you feel lost.

Website Hosting: After you have finished creating the starting point for your website you will want to get it online so people can start checking it out. This is known as website hosting. The price for this service can vary but generally is very cheap and could even be free depending on which website builder you have decided to use. Again, this might be a deciding factor when researching how to make website for free. Most free services, however, will limit your bandwidth which means you will be limited on the amount of content and pages you can have in total.

For a beginner, building a free website is a great starting point. Free websites usually do not look as professional as a website that is paid or one made using an HTML editor, but if the website you have created starts to generate traffic and you would like to upgrade it you could always get with your builder and see what plans they have available.

When considering how to make a website for free remember that website creation is not only for design professionals anymore. HTML coding is also a skill that is no longer required. The technological advances of today have made it possible for anyone with any type of computer to build a great looking free website. Remember that when making a free website it is all about the experience that you gain. These steps are how to make a website for free.

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