The easiest way to make your own website for free is to start your very own web-log, usually referred to as a blog. Blog websites typically consist of journal-style entries, thoughts, ideas, personal commentary, reviews, or any topic the author chooses to write about. Several blogging services are available to anyone who would like to begin blogging, but I suggest the one service where you can submit all of your entries, post images, and make a few bucks too.

Content for Your Own Blog Website

The only drawback to using a blog is adding content. Many beginners struggle with writing simple blog entries and end up spending too much time writing, editing, and rewriting content. Some Internet marketers copy articles from other websites, but that technique isn’t great either because finding the perfect articles related to your website may take hours or even days.

For more information, I recommend Building a Blog Empire for Profit to learn proven tips to make money with your free blog. This ebook contains advanced tips on selecting the best type of blog based on your interests and tells you how to build traffic. It also offers effective money-making strategies.

Make More Money with Affiliate Marketing

So, blogs are a great way to make your own website for free, and Google Ads are a good way to make money with your blog. But there is an even better way to get started that is also free. It’s called affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing essentially pays you a finder’s-fee to bring new clients to a business. So you might get paid a certain amount for each visit (“pay per click”), for each person who registers (“pay per lead”), or for each customer or sale (“pay per sale”). is a good example. Anyone with a website can join’s affiliate program. When you join, Amazon will provide you with links, containing your unique affiliate ID, to products on the website. You can then use these links on your blog. When the readers of your blog click the link and make a purchase at, you get paid a commission on the sale. It’s that simple.

There are thousands of merchants like that want you to help them make sales and they will pay you to do so. Gigantic companies like eBay, Apple iTunes, and Walmart all offer affiliate programs that you can join for free.

To get the most bang for your buck, ClickBank is one affiliate network you should partner with. ClickBank manages affiliate programs for more than 10,000 products, and you can earn between 1% and 75% on each sale. Even if you promote 50 products from ClickBank, you only need to visit one website to track all of your sales and profits. Also, you will only receive one check from ClickBank, versus 50 individual checks from multiple affiliate programs, which makes for easier bookkeeping.

Make Your Own Website for Free: Software

Another way to make a free website is to use software that will do the work for you. These programs create everything you need with just a few clicks–the content, the pages, the code, and programming to make your own website for free.

There are a few software packages that will build an entire website based on a topic you choose. Some are much more expensive than others. I decided to try Web Estore because of it’s free trial offer.

Most people don’t realize how easy it is to make your own website for free–and even make money at it. I recommend first and foremost, and then you can build from there. It just isn’t that hard to make your own website–for free–and start earning easy money.

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